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Virtual Library & Student Resource Guide: Videos/Films

Films & Videos

TED Talks

"How Books Can Open Your Mind"
by Lisa Bu. Published under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license on Ted.
Ted Talks

TED Talks feature videos by credible speakers on a wide variety of topics or "ideas worth spreading." Ted Talks are not considered "scholarly"; however, they may be acceptable as a credible source for your assignment if not all of your works cited have to be from scholarly sources - ask your professor.

To see more TED Talks on a variety of topics go to For your convenience, more literature related TED Talks are available at the bottom of this page.


"What is Literature?"
by Pfau Library. Published under a CC-BY License on YouTube. Accessed on October 30th, 2017
YouTube Search

YouTube has a plethora of literature related videos that can act as a source of background information OR primary sources (e.g. interviews).

Remember, the most credible information comes from educational institutions (such as reputable universities and colleges) or other entities (such as the U.S. government) that are trying to inform or educate NOT make a profit.



Internet Archive

"His Girl Friday."
Accessed from the Internet Archive. Film in the Public Domain.
Internet Archive

The Internet Archive houses over three million "full-length feature films, news broadcasts, classic shorts, world culture documentaries, World War II propaganda, movie trailers" and more that have been released into the public domain or published under a creative commons license. This is a great place to go to look for primary sources and for film adaptations of classic books.

Explore more videos at

Khan Academy

"Introduction to Grammar."
© Khan Academy. Published under a Standard YouTube License on YouTube.
Republished here following the guidelines of Khan Academy's TOS.
Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a limited number of video tutorials on literature related topics; however, they have a plethora of videos on other topics ranging from history to physics. Please note that Khan Academy will most likely not be acceptable as a source for most assignments (if you aren't sure, ask your professor); however, it is a good place to go for background information if you want a quick (usually fifteen minutes or less) overview of a topic like evolution or diabetes.

All Khan Academy content is available for free at

Select Ted Talks

"My Year Reading a Book from Every Country in the World"
by Amy Morgan.

"Why a Good Book is a Secret Door"
by Mac Barnett.

"Why Women Should Tell The Stories of Humanity"
by Jude Kelly.

"Can a Computer Write Poetry"
by Oscar Schwartz.

"How Books Can Open Your Mind"
by Lisa Bu.

"The Politics of Fiction"
by Elif Shafak.

All of the videos posted above are published under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license on Ted.

To see more Ted Talks go to

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