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InfoLit Modules Faculty LibGuide: Introduction

Introduction to InfoLit Modules

The MLK Jr. Library at Los Angeles City College has a subscription to Credo InfoLit Modules. The InfoLit Modules provide high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials on information literacy and critical thinking skills. They are ideal for supplementing and supporting classroom instruction, online teaching, or student remediation needs.

Modules consist of videos, tutorials and quizzes and can be integrated into your Canvas shell, or linked to directly (students are authenticated through the library proxy). Each lesson also includes a list of Student Learning Outcomes. See the tabs in this Guide for Canvas Links, Deep Links (direct links through proxy), and Embed Codes

For faculty login instruction or copies of quiz reports, contact Librarian Katie Hamilton at

See below for a list of topics available through our Credo InfoLit subscription. 

InfoLit Module Topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Pre-Test
  3. Getting Started With Research
    1. Introduction
    2. Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters 
    3. Video: Life in the Information Age 
    4. Video: The Research Process 
    5. Tutorial: Choosing a Topic 
    6. Video: How to Narrow Your Topic 
    7. Tutorial: Background Research Tips 
    8. Video: Thesis Statements 
    9. Quiz: Thesis Statements 
    10. Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation 
    11. Quiz: The Research Process 
  4. Sources of Information
    1. Introduction 
    2. Tutorial: Information Has Value 
    3. Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge
    4. Video: Primary & Secondary Research 
    5. Video: Primary & Secondary Sources 
    6. Quiz: Primary & Secondary Sources
    7. Video: Peer Review 
    8. Quiz: Peer Review 
    9. Video: Types of Sources 
    10. Quiz: Types of Sources 
    11. Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials 
    12. Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials 
  5. Searching for Information
    1. Introduction 
    2. Video: Choosing a Database 
    3. Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords 
    4. Quiz: Choosing a Database 
    5. Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords 
    6. Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1 
    7. Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2 
    8. Video: Refining Search Results 
    9. Quiz: Search Techniques 
  6. Evaluating Information
    1. Introduction 
    2. Video: What is Authority? 
    3. Video: Introduction to Bias
    4. Video: Types of Bias
    5. Quiz: Bias
    6. Video: Evaluating Sources 
    7. Tutorial: Evaluating Resources 
    8. Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source 
    9. Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News
    10. Quiz: Fake News
    11. Video: Objectivity in Reporting 
    12. Quiz: Evaluating Information
  7. Presenting Research and Data
    1. Introduction 
    2. Video: Synthesizing Information 
    3. Tutorial: Synthesizing Information 
    4. Quiz: Synthesizing Information 
    5. Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper 
    6. Quiz: Anatomy of a Research Paper 
    7. Video: Writing Help 
  8. Citations and Academic Integrity
    1. Introduction 
    2. Video: Why Citations Matter 
    3. Tutorial: Why Citations Matter 
    4. Video: APA Citation Style 
    5. Tutorial: APA Citations 
    6. Quiz: APA Citations 
    7. Video: MLA Citation Style 
    8. Video: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style 
    9. Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style 
    10. Quiz: MLA Citations 
    11. Video: Turabian Citation Style 
    12. Quiz: Turabian Citations 
    13. Video: Harvard Citation Style 
    14. Video: Chicago Style Book Citations 
    15. Video: Chicago Style Journal and Website Citations 
    16. Video: Academic Integrity 
    17. Video: What is Plagiarism? 
    18. Video: Copyright 
    19. Quiz: Academic Integrity 
  9. Post-Test
  10. Faculty Module​​​​
    1. Teaching with Modules Guides
    2. Video: Why IL Matters to Faculty
    3. Tutorial: Designing Effective Research Assignments
    4. Promoting the Modules
    5. Standards Mapping

What are the InfoLit Modules?

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