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How to Print

Printing from the Library Computers

Image of Steps to How to Print on the Library Computers

How to Release a Print Job


Printing from Your Laptop

1. Open the Print IT site. 

2. Select your files

3. Enter "User Info"

  • Students: Enter your Student ID # (not your name) as shown in the image below. 
  • Print IT: Enter a Username of your choice in the "User Info" box.

4. Click Submit

5. Release and pick up your print job on the Printers at the Reference Desk and Computer Lab on the 2nd Floor. 

Printing from Your Cellphone

Mobile App Instructions

1. Search your app store for "eprintit public."

2. Find and install the "Public Print Locations" app.

App store results for eprintit public search


3. Select the file(s) you want to print. 

ePRINTit app home screen


4. Click the "Nearby" pin.

ePRINTit app's provider menu with "Nearby" pin


5. Search for LACC. 

6. Select LACCD - LACC


7. Enter "User Information"

  • Studentsenter your Student ID number (not your name).
  • Guests: enter a Username of your choice.


8. Click Print. Release and pick up your print job at Reference Desk Printers. 

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