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Tips for using our databases to find the resources you need.

Notes on EBSCO eBooks

Electronic books can be accessed at home and on campus from the EBSCO eBooks database. There are over 200,000 electronic books at your finger tips! 

Notes on Using EBSCO eBooks:

1) To search for books type in keywords that describes the material you are searching for such as “capital punishment.” You may also think of synonyms or other phrases and combine them with the OR search operator, such as "capital punishment" OR "death penalty". The quotation marks will search for that exact phrase.

ebsco search box "capital punishment" or "death penalty" in first box and law in secodn box subject dropdown

*If you see that your search resulted few materials, look at the subject tab on the left of the screen to see how the system classifies the subject you are looking for. Scholar/authors may name your topic differently. Also, the search looks at the titles and subject of the books rather than within its pages. You may also change the dropdown to TX All Text Fields to search through the full text of the books.

2) You can read and search within the text of the book by clicking PDF Full Text.An EBSCO article record with icons of PDF Full Text, Table of Contents, and so on next to the article.

3) If you want to download an ebook for offline use, you have to create an account on EBSCO eBooks. Once you have done so, you will check-out the book for 1-2 days. Like above, you are able to search within the text as well.

4) Check User privileges to assess how many pages you are able to print or download from an ebook.


  • Publisher: Print/Save 100 Pages
  • Permissions: Copy/Paste Allowed
  • Concurrent User Level: Unlimited User Access

5) Citation tool can help you cite the ebook (double check the citation as they are automatically generated and there may be errors).

EBSCO citation format page, opened through clicking the Cite button on the right bar


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